The watch maker

Chris Heal FBHI owner and watchmaker for chealwatch ltd is a fellow of the British Horological institute and passed the examinations with a Bronze medal ( the highest award ) in 1971 Read More

chealwatch ltd watch repair service information

We work to the highest standards recommended by watch manufactures and our workshop is equipped with up-to date horological  machines for cleaning , watch timing and pressure testing. Read More

Full service description:

  • 1. Remove movement from case, remove dial and hands, strip the movement, inspect for damage and worn or corroded parts.
    2. Clean the mechanical parts in an Ultrasonic machine. Replace parts as necessary.
    3. reassemble and lubricate the mechanical parts Read More

What we do

Watch servicing & repairs through some watch houses and high street jewellers can be expensive. With low overheads and an online watch repair service we aim to provide a fast, efficient and affordable service. Read More